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Published on July 26th, 2017 | by James D. Burbank


6 Gadgets Every Modern Office Needs

One of the goals of every business owner should be to make the working environment as pleasant for their employees as possible. When it comes to modern offices, people have all but started to expect certain gadgets that make their environment cooler, more exciting, pleasurable and smarter.

This has reached a point where business owners factor in the costs of the latest gadgets when they take out loans for expanding their offices from lenders like ALC Commercial.

Still, if you choose wisely, it will definitely be worth it in the end. So, what do you need.

1. Convertible Desks

Some people consider convertible desks gadgets while others see them as office furniture. In any case, they have become an inseparable part of the modern office as they provide employees with an option to work standing up, which is supposed to have numerous benefits for their health. Convertible desks can also look insanely cool, while also serving a very useful purpose.

2. Charging Ceiling Tile

We are really going another direction with this next gadget, a ceiling tile that acts as a wireless charger for phones and other devices. It is manufactured by a company by the name Ossia and it fulfills a number of requirements needed to land on this list – it looks amazing, it reduces clutter in the office and it doesn’t mess up the Wi-Fi signal.

3. A Smart Lock

Once again, we are avoiding pushing certain brands, but one thing is for sure – your office needs a smart lock, no matter how you cut it. Not only will a smart lock provide your office with the added layer of security, but it will also reduce much of the hassle that many workplaces suffer from when people who are supposed to come early with the keys do not and in other situations as well. Consult this article if you want to check out the best options.

4. A Lamp form the Future

Gadgets should be cool by nature and a lamp that looks and acts like something from 2117 is definitely cool. The lamp in question is Lumigent from Cerevo and it is the most ridiculous piece of lighting you can get for your office. For one, it is voice-controlled and can memorize preferences set by the users. It also features a quality camera and can even do video conferencing. It will even set itself up for the best conferencing experience.

5. A Stress-Relieving Wristband

Offices are stressful. There is no two ways about it. Work can get people stressed and this is bad for your employees. This is where the Doppel wristband comes in. It tracks the vitals of the people who wear it and it emits something called a rhythmic pulse that is supposed to calm down the wearer. The science behind it is questionable to say the least, but there have been some indications that it can actually help your employees focus better.

6. Wearable Posture Trainer

This one is definitely not something you should order your employees to wear, but it may be a great optional gadget for any office, especially one where people spend lots of time sitting down (which is every office in the world). We are talking about the Upright wearable posture trainer that helps your employees sit in an ergonomic position which will not ruin their backs.

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