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Published on September 21st, 2017 | by James D. Burbank


6 Super Cool Car Gadgets

Regardless of whether you just want to have the most pleasant leisure drive somewhere in the countryside or if you are battling your way through rush hour jams, you need all the help you can get in your car. Today, we will be looking at some amazing car gadgets that will make your drives not only easier and better, but also more enjoyable.

1. Ztylus Stinger

The best way to avoid anything catastrophic happening is to be prepared and Ztylus Stinger is just that – a tool that takes your preparedness to a whole other level. It is a device that fits in one hand and that can easily shatter open the windshield or the windows in case you need to get out and you are stuck in your car following an accident, for example. In addition to being spectacularly powerful for its relatively tiny size, it also features a blade that you can use to cut a seat belt that has jammed.

2. Vantrue R2

There are innumerable reasons as to why you would want to feature a dash cam as part of your regular car equipment. For one, it dispels any qualms about who is to blame should you get into an accident. In Russia, for example, a dash cam is virtually a must. Now, there are many dash cams out there, but the one that definitely takes home the gold is Vantrue R2. It shoots stunning 1080p video and has a 170-degree coverage, making sure it misses nothing.

3. Escort Max 360

While we would never encourage you to break the law and drive faster than is allowed by the law, there are situations when speed limits are simply too strict. In such a situation, it is a good idea to have an ally that will tell you when police radars are nearby. Once again, there is no shortage of radar detectors on the market, but it can be safely said that Escort Max 360 is one of the finest solutions out there. It is stupendously accurate and it also lets you contact and network with other drivers who have the device.

4. Handpresso

While the aforementioned gadgets are all more than useful, our next entry, well, isn’t. It is a coffeemaker machine, developed especially for use in cars. It plugs into the 12-volt port and it works with ESE pods, as well as grounds. One thing we would never recommend is preparing a cuppa while you are driving. Simply put, driving and making coffee is not meant to be done at the same time.

5. Fobo Tire Plus

If you are a fan of fuel efficient cars, you probably already know how important the state of your tyres is. Keeping them properly inflated at all times ensures that the tyres grab the asphalt equally and as efficiently as possible, ensuring no fuel is wasted. Fobo Tire Plus is a system that involves sensors that you attach to your wheels and a smartphone app that lets you look at the readings at any time and from any place. In case you have a whole stable of cars, no worries – a single Fobo system can monitor as many as 19 cars.

6. Road Shower

Our last entry is not exactly for everyone, but for a certain type of people, it will become an inseparable part of their journeys. We are talking about the road tripping folk who like to take their vehicles off-road and whose cars are often in a need of a quick rinse. The Road Shower system features a tank that is mounted to the standard roof rack and which heats the water using solar power. You then use a simple hose to shower your car, or anything else for that matter. Who says that you can only clean your car with this gadget?

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