Our Writers

  • Dan Grose

    Written by Dan Grose of Phones 4u, the number one destination for all the latest smartphones. Dan has a serious passion for phones and is an expert in this field.

  • Felix Tero

    I have always been fascinated with gadgets and the technology that brings them to life. My online-based job only makes me even more up-to-date with what’s going on in the gadget world. This interest and my flair for writing got me started blogging about this niche.

  • Gadget Mate

  • James D. Burbank

    James D. Burbank has spent years travelling the world while in the trade show industry. Back in the days when phone apps included a calculator and a calendar. If you have the time, check out his blog, BizzMarkBlog.

  • Sarah Hazelwood

    Sarah is a newcomer to the world of technology but is making huge leaps and doing her reputation no harm at all with her excellent writing skills. She has a serious passion for mobile phones and can often be seen at all the top tech events.

  • Sean Alder

    Throughout my life I have grown up learning and understanding more and more about technology. I am a successful apprentice and digital marketer. In my spare time I enjoy talking about technology and writing on other websites to share my thoughts on gadgets to the world!

  • Vicky Dean

    Vicky works alongside Top Wristbands and enjoys looking at the multiple ways in which the simple ‘wristband’ can be used within technology.

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