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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by Sarah Hazelwood

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Picture perfect?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is the latest iteration of the record-breaking Galaxy S4, combing all the functionality of a smartphone and a camera.

It is the most advanced camera phone yet, featuring a 10x optical zoom, similar to that found on standard digital cameras. The 16 megapixel lens is controllable via Samsung’s Zoom Ring which allows the users to twist to zoom in and out as well as quickly access the camera app during a call.

In the company’s new ‘lifestyle demo video’ for the S4 Zoom it claims that you can “talk, shoot and share at the same time”.

It also showcases features such as motion capture and better low-light performance, as well as the Optical Image Stabilizer to ensure pictures are free from blur and distorted edges.

This is all very impressive, but when it comes to its phone capabilities it’s not quite so groundbreaking and sits on a par with the recently announced S4 Mini, a smaller, more compact version of the firm’s flagship.

Key features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

  • 4.27-inch qHD Super AMOLED display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 16 megapixel full optical camera
  • 1080p video capture
  • Android Jelly Bean OS
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz UI
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage (expandable via microSD to 64GB)
  • 2,330mAh battery
  • 15.4mm thick
  • 208g

The new device targets a very niche consumer, and while it’s slightly smaller and weaker, in terms of specs, compared to the original Galaxy Camera, its image capturing capabilities could be a compelling reason for potential consumers to choose it over other smartphones in its class.

This is one of several handsets to come from the Korean manufacturer this year as it looks to expanding its Galaxy range, and with an event anticipated for 20 June, even more are devices are expected to enter the limelight.

Forward thinking

Despite the initial success of the Galaxy S4, analysts at JP Morgan are predicting that the device won’t outsell its predecessor, the Galaxy S III.

Although the Galaxy S4 is continuing to sell well in the US, European demand is weaker than expected, and analysts claim that the phone maker will cut back on the number of components it produces to focus on shifting its other products.

In its report JP Morgan found: “Our supply chain checks show monthly orders have been cut 20-30% due to weak demand in the EU and domestic market, while US demand remains relatively robust.”

“S4 momentum has slowed down much faster than the S III” in the first quarter of the year, but “the following quarter will likely disappoint we believe.”

If these estimates prove to be accurate shipments of the Galaxy S4 will fall in July to seven or eight million, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that sales will decline. And, with an array of S4 iterations in the making there’s no danger that Samsung will start feeling the effects just yet.

On the ball

The S4 Zoom once again highlights the firm’s ability to bring new innovations to the market before its competitors, and its latest offering certainly takes the shine off the rumoured Nokia EOS and PureView 808 camera.

The fact it brings out new products so efficiently is admirable and something that has no doubt contributed greatly to its success to date.

Nokia may well have missed an important opportunity in capitalising on its imaging expertise, and while its PureView camera technology is impressive, Samsung has the clear advantage when it comes to clever, simple marketing.

So, while a wealth of Samsung Galaxy S4 deals might not help the company break any more sales records, there’s still a great deal of potential for the Korean manufacturer to excel itself in other areas of the mobile market.

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