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Published on July 5th, 2013 | by Sarah Hazelwood


Sony Mobile Fights Back with the Xperia Z

Sony is slowly clawing its way back into the smartphone race after recent figures revealed that its flagship device of 2013, the Xperia Z, is now its most successful handset to date.

Sales data from research firm Kantar Worldpanel have also revealed that since launching earlier this year, the Xperia Z has captured 38% of former Samsung owners in the UK alone, with the majority upgrading from the Galaxy S II.

According to Sony’s UK managing director, Pierre Perron, the device has been so successful that the firm now stands as the third largest smartphone manufacturer by value of its market share, behind Apple and Samsung.

This will no doubt come as a huge blow for Samsung which over the past few years has continued to cement itself as the top dog in the Android and Global smartphone market alike.

Things can only get better

And, it seems things are only going to get better for Sony, with the pending release of the Xperia Z Ultra, a mammoth device which further blurs the boundaries between mobile phones and tablets.

As Sony looks to increasing its presence in the mobile space the Japanese phone maker is said to have an impressive marketing campaign up its metaphorical sleeve to really propel the Z Ultra into the limelight.

Paul Moore, global director at Kantar, said: “Samsung now finds itself in a position where, after two years of relentless growth, it must focus on keeping its existing base of customers loyal if it is to maintain its success.

“With the competition dramatically upping their game in terms of build quality and content innovation, Samsung will have to work hard to convince its customers to stick with the brand.”

Samsung is putting up a solid fight and this year alone the Korean manufacturer has already introduced a raft of spin-off devices to its flagship Galaxy S4.

The underdogs

But other players like Sony, LG and HTC are now starting to come up with better, high-end alternatives, which provide consumers with a fresh set of products in a space where many handsets are becoming increasingly similar.

For Sony this is the perfect opportunity to build on the success already achieved by the Xperia Z, and replicate this in other markets, including the US, where the flagship is set to launch on T Mobile later this month.

A number of factors will determine Sony’s success overseas, including the price of its mobile phone contracts, carrier availability and media reception, so the company will have to go beyond the realms of T Mobile in order to achieve the global status it so desires.

Wise Move

It was only last year that Sony brought out Ericsson’s share of the partnership, which saw the two companies produce a range of handsets for around 10 years. However, Sony’s former devices were criticised for their weak build quality and their fussy take on the Android operating system.

It’s great to see that just over 12 months on the firm has really started to turn things around, creating unique, innovative handsets that stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

The future is certainly looking bright for Sony, and knowing that it probably has Samsung even just a little bit worried about the competition that lies in store will be a huge boost for the Japanese manufacturer, in its mission to take centre stage in the mobile arena.

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