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Published on May 21st, 2013 | by Dan Grose


Samsung: What could follow the Galaxy S4?

Having launched to a raucous fanfare back in March, many thought the Samsung Galaxy S4 might prove to be a lot of fuss about nothing, the digital equivalent of “all mouth and no trousers”, so to speak. A gimmicky handset in a familiar uninspired package, it looked to be little more than an incremental update designed to generate a load of cash.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Lucrative

Fast forward nearly three months, however, and the reality is very different. Whilst the Galaxy S4 has indeed proved lucrative for the company – 10 million are expected to have been sold by next week – it has also captured the imagination of reviewers and customers alike.

And it’s the reams of intuitive yet often irritating gesture-based interactions that haven’t achieved this, but rather an almost flawless core handset that has reiterated Samsung as the main player in a crowded Android market. Despite stiff competition from the likes of the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, the Galaxy S4 arguably shines brightest in the camera, processor and display categories.

That it has faced criticism for its design won’t bother the company one jot. Polycarbonate may lack the exclusive feel of aluminium, but its light and cheap nature is something many seem to prefer, even if it compromises on aesthetics. In its wisdom Samsung is wise to this, and we’re unlikely to see any changes to a strategy that has worked well through several handset cycles, despite some dramatic outcries.

The clever, and undeniably tricky part, will be in replicating the widespread success enjoyed by the device, but in typically ingenious fashion this is something Samsung is already taking care of. Whilst handset variants are common in overseas markets, rarely has more than one version of a device been made available in the UK. Until now, that is.


Quite rightly, the company has realised that the only things to make money than one bestselling handset are several bestselling handsets, and as such we will see different Galaxy S4 variants landing before the year is out. Already rumoured are the Active (a toughened version for outdoorsy types) and the usual Mini incarnation, with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 in smaller form set to launch in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus (yep, NEXUS!!!)

Not only that, but such has been the success of the handset that Google has snapped it up, negating to make a new Nexus device in favour of hollowing out the Galaxy S4 to its purest form. Whilst this may not directly benefit Samsung, having debatably your best ever smartphone in the hands of the most powerful software developers can’t exactly be bad for business.


Having got so much right on the Samsung Galaxy S4, we’re likely to see this cautious yet effective approach carry on for the foreseeable future. With the Galaxy Note 3 heavily anticipated to arrive this summer, we can expect the same polycarbonate casing, the same take-it-or-leave it gestures and the same excellent underlying specifications persist.

You can also put money on the same excellent sales and worldwide popularity persisting, too.

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